Factory Acceptance Tests are an essential part of your quality assurance

Factory Acceptance Tests are time consuming but essential in most order manufacturing companies. We have developed a solution in Microsoft’s Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI that makes it possible to save time and collect data by digitizing the paper processes in your quality assurance.

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How we can assist in the  digitization of FAT

PowerUP was founded on the basis of our own need to digitize the processes in production companies in connection with Factory Acceptance Tests. 

Together with one of the world’s largest order-producing companies, we have developed our own solution for the processes around FAT.

We have created our solution in Microsoft’s Power Platform, and it offers a number of advantages. If your company already uses Microsoft products, your IT department has probably already handled the security aspects, and at the same time our solution utilizes the user interfaces that your entire organization already knows.

The choice of the Power Platform also means that individual adaptations are cheap and quick to make, so that the solution can be adapted to your unique situation. We always make sure to ask questions and listen, so that we understand your needs and manage expectations before the actual implementation.

Our core competencies within FAT

  • User-friendly design
  • Highlighting critical data points
  • Turn data into readable information

Reasons for digitizing FAT processes

In most order producing companies the Factory Acceptance Test processes are an important part of both the quality assurance work and the communication with the customer. It makes sense to digitize the processes because it saves time, but it also reduces incorrect entries.

When the process takes place on paper and in Word templates, the company’s knowledge of procedures rests with the individual employee who has the experience. This makes the company vulnerable. By digitizing and using version control and Power BI reports, a history is created based on the experiences gained across the organization and this analysis becomes part of the company’s shared memory. It makes it possible to work as a learning organization rather than as a group of learning individuals.

Advantages of a FAT digitization

  • Save time working with FAT checklists
  • Make it possible to be a learning organization
  • Fewer errors leaving the factory