Customized solutions

We can help you with a tailored solution to your problem

If you have a process that you would like to have digitized or automated, we are happy to help you with a solution in Microsoft Power Platform. We are uniquely equipped to understand your process because we ourselves have been inside the engine room of both large and small production companies.

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The benefits of a tailormade solution

We have theoretical knowledge and practical experience from a number of different production companies. This enables us to understand your processes and see the possibilities for fast and efficient digitalization.

In addition to our experience and training in production systems, we have specialized in Microsoft’s Power Platform, precisely to be able to help production companies with solutions for all the processes that are not covered by typical IT solutions such as ERP and CRM systems.

The choice of Microsoft’s Power Platform means that we can easily adapt solutions to your interfaces in relation to the ERP system and other major IT systems that already work in your company.

Our core competencies within tailormade solutions

  • Educated with specialization in production systems
  • Experience from large and small production companies
  • Experts in Microsoft’s Power Platform

Reasons for digitizing your processes

Employees often spend a lot of time on handling paper and dealing with incompatible IT systems. Here, it often makes sense to use low code solutions such as Power Automate and Power Apps to tie the large IT systems together, so that employees can concentrate on the tasks that require assessments and experience instead of simple entries and paperwork.

By digitizing your processes, the data that was previously recorded on paper also becomes available digitally. This makes it easy to log statistics on the efficiency of your processes, and it creates the basis for generating reports that can identify opportunities for optimization.

In other words, a robust solution in the Power Platform is a must for a modern production company that wants efficient processes across the entire organization.

Advantages of a tailormade solution

  • Adapted to your needs
  • More efficient and effective operation
  • Accurate information and thus better decisions