About PowerUP

Experts in digitizing processes

We digitize and automate processes for manufacturing companies with the Microsoft Power Platform. We do this because we think it is important that we become better at utilizing the resources we have available. For the benefit of society, the climate, and your business.

“PowerUP was founded to help production companies reduce wasteful processes and enable data-driven decision-making”

Nicolai Wulff

Owner and Cand. Tech. Production

Something for manufacturing companies

We make your decisions better

Our digitization solutions reduce the need for manual entries which leads to fewer errors. They also make it possible to analyze and understand data gathered from the processes, allowing you to make informed decisions about how to optimize procedures.

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We have been where you are today

PowerUP was started on the basis of our own challenges in finding solutions that could help create standards and optimize the support processes in manufacturing companies.

We are uniquely equipped to help you, as your challenges have also been our challenges.

4 good reasons

Why choose PowerUP?

We have worked with process optimization for production companies for more than 10 years in organizations with anywhere from 20-4000 employees and in positions from ordinary employee to Manager. We therefore understand many of the challenges you may face in operations and implementation of new solutions.



With experience as a LEAN Manager, Project Manager and ordinary operations manager, I understand the challenges in all layers of the company and manage to see challenges from the angle of all stakeholders. It gives me a unique understanding of how we can best implement solutions with you.

– Nicolai Wulff



With a Bachelor in Technology Management and Marine Engineering and a  Cand. Tech. Production with a specialty in production systems and continuing education within IT and change management, I as the founder is well equipped to understand how our solutions fit into your company and other IT and process setups.

– Nicolai Wulff


Competitive pricing

We are not cheap within Power Platform developed solutions, because we offer an understanding of both production companies and IT, which is very difficult to find. But our choice of solution model means that, compared to general IT solutions, we will be perceived as both cheap and very fast. We’re talking weeks and thousands instead of millions and years.


Customized solutions

We understand that the challenges in each individual business are often similar, but also that there are some things that are unique about each case. That is why we build our solutions so that they are easy to adapt and build together with your ERP and other existing solutions.